Since the beginning of the 2019 airshow season, Martin and his new Yak “FTOY” present proudly a brand new show !

The YAK 55M is the the perfect airshow machine to impress a crowd due to its power and its impressive roll rate!

The Yak-55 is a russian aircraft designed for international aerobatics competitions.  It was designed from the Yak-50, which was outperformed by western aircraft. The Yak-55’s roll rate and power has been noticed immediately.  The 55 is also known for its fiability, it’s only major modification being a new design for its wing, which increased its roll rate even more.  The Yak-55was born!

With a roll rate close to 360 degrees per second and a 370 HP radial engine, the Yakovlev YAK-55M has been a remarkable airshow aircraft for close to 35 years!