Martin Hivon

A fighter pilot from the Canadian Forces, Martin Hivon has accumulated a wide experience during his military career, flying many types of aircraft and especially high performance jets.

As a flying instructor for almost half of his career, Martin has not only flown a lot of aerobatics to a very high standard of proficiency, he has taught these techniques at all levels, from the ab-initio student to the new jet instructors.

Furthermore, he served during many years as an operational CF-18 pilot and as a maintenance test pilot on the CF-18. This has allowed him to learn many different advanced piloting techniques.

Finally, Martin has served for over three years with the US Navy, teaching replacement pilots on the F/A-18. During this time, he also earned his qualification to fly F/A-18s on US aircraft carriers, a very rare qualification for a Canadian pilot.

Martin is passionate about aviation and simply wants to share some of his knowledge with you.