Specialized training

Since early May 2012, we offer customized training to pilots already licensed. In addition to his extensive experience as a military instructor, Martin is now certified by Transport Canada as a civilian aerobatics flight instructor. We can teach you upset recovery and unusual attitudes training, aerobatics or conventional gear training (taildragger check-out). Because all these require generally good weather conditions, we have decided to make it available only during the months of March to December inclusively.

Prices are function of your exact needs but are very similar to any flight training. We are offering different packages that are very competitive. Everything is included in the price: ground training, aircraft, instructor and fuel. We also provide a headset for the flight.

After you receive training with us, you may be eligible for a rebate on your own aircraft insurance. Check with your insurance company for more details.

Contact us for more details or to reserve your training at 418-894-7492.

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