Beechcraft Sundowner 180

Since its acquisition in June 2015, our Sundowner is flying air taxis, sightseeing tours and familiarization flights.  It is also this aircraft that it is used at our flight school. It can take up to three passengers (one forward and two aft).

In early 2018, we updated our Sundowner’s avionics, making the perfect aircraft to teach instrument flying.  This update makes our first Beech even more safe for our air taxi operations.

In early 2019, Aviation MH acquired a B19 “Musketeer”.  Since it’s arrival, our B19 is used exclusively for our flight school and for rentals.

Our beechcrafts are versatile and fit perfectly with our operations.  Their maneuverability make them a pleasant aircraft to fly, perfect for someone who wants to feel the thrill of taking controls!

Our Sundowner’s payload, fiability as well as its unique comfort make it a great air taxi aircraft.  Maximize your time at a surprisingly affordable cost with a flight adapted to your needs.

The C23’s cruising speed allows us to take you at destination faster and to show you more of the beauty of our region!  A 30-minute sightseeing tour allows you to fly over any place in a radius of 50 KM from the departure airport.

Beechcraft “Sundowner” C23

Beechcraft “Musketeer” B19